About Us

The company was formed in 1994, initially operating from a base in Horsforth, West Yorkshire. We began importing jump starters/portable power packs. Success came quickly and larger premises were soon needed. By mid 1995, we moved to our current headquarters near Knaresborough in North Yorkshire, England. By the end of that year. we had secured a sales relationship with Snap-on Tools. From the outset, Portable Power Limited concentrated on what customers want by speaking to the tool distributors and end-users, then we set about designing and manufacturing our own jump starter. In 1999 we launched our compact, reliable, rugged, robust power pack, the Portable Power 1700, which was sold exclusively through Snap-on UK initially, then worldwide through Snap-on USA for almost 20 years.

Now Portable Power markets its own-branded power packs, with the latest version, the 1800 Rapid Charge, being launched in early 2020. All of our jump starters have detachable leads for secure storage. They are available in a choice of lengths and with a choice of clamp, which makes this pack truly versatile. Also they all have a fully automatic 3-stage 5A Rapid Charger included with them.

The jump starters from Portable Power Limited are a premium product for professionals in a range of industries. These packs are hand-built and 100% of them are tested for every function before being packed and despatched, thus ensuring their quality, strength and performance. We do not compromise on quality. 

Because we are so confident in our products, they are covered by a comprehensive 24 month warranty. We collect and return packs direct to the end-user, so that you will not be troubled with any problems whether the unit is in or out of warranty.

Our customers are in a range of industries, including automotive, agricultural, marine and other leisure pursuits.